MEd in MESA Online Program

An MEd in MESA is:

In Demand

MESA-related jobs are growing faster than ever. Academic institutions, government and regulatory agencies, school districts and research agencies are hiring people with skills in research methodology. Private companies and professional organizations are also engaged in testing, survey research, program evaluation and consulting and need people with MESA skills. Anyone who uses measurement, evaluation, statistics and assessment can benefit from this program.

High Quality

MESA courses are taught by nationally-recognized UIC College of Education faculty and instructors who work in MESA-related fields. You’ll earn a degree from a widely respected university, while studying completely online.


Apply what you learn in the MESA program immediately in your work. You’ll get a broad understanding of evidence-based research, and you can tailor the program to your specific interests. UIC MESA faculty have the experience, the expertise and the dedication to help you develop the skills you need.


MESA includes all four major psychometric paradigms in its curriculum: Item Response Theory, Rasch Measurement, Generalizability Theory and Classical Test Theory. You’ll also study Hierarchical Linear Modeling and learn how to use statistical and psychometric software such as Bilog, Winsteps, Conquest, HLM, SPSS and SAS.


MESA is fully online—no campus visits required. Even with your work and family commitments, you’ll have the flexibility and convenience you need to learn and succeed from a high quality research university.


You’ll study program evaluation, assessment, psychometrics, and statistics with research in applied and theoretical arenas, developing quantitative and analytical skills that will be valuable throughout your career.