Student Testimonials

See what our students say about the MESA Online program.

The program gave me a solid foundation. I’m not just shooting from the hip. I know the theory, best practices, and what I’m doing.

Cynthia J.  |  MEd in MESA, UIC Class of 2010

My learning in the program has helped me identify learning targets for programs I manage so that I can plan assessment and content to meet those targets. I’ve learned how to collect, organize, analyze, and represent data to tell a story about my programs and the participants.

Denise C.  |  MEd in MESA, UIC Class of 2016

The program is a great introduction to educational research in all its forms – pure educational research, classroom assessments, and educational program evaluation. If you want a good, solid background in these areas, the UIC MESA MEd is a great way to get it.

Jerome A.  |  MEd in MESA, UIC Class of 2015

UIC’s MESA is the program for you if you love challenges and apply expertise you learn via this program right away to your work projects.

Nousheen I.  |  MEd in MESA, UIC Class of 2015

I’ve used practically everything I’ve learned in all my classes on a day-to-day basis in my role in the department. My peers definitely recognize that I’m an important resource for the design and analysis of exams.

Peter O.  |  MEd in MESA, UIC Class of 2016

From this program, I have many more statistical tools to draw upon in my daily work, and I have a better understanding of the underlying assumptions of each analysis and how to interpret the results.

Robert S.  |  MEd in MESA, UIC Class of 2017