Educational Research Methodology Online Certificate Program

Program Overview

Conduct your research with a powerful skill set of measurement, evaluation, statistics and assessment tools. The Educational Research Methodology online certificate program, offered by the UIC Department of Educational Psychology, lets you upgrade your research skills without enrolling in a master’s or doctoral degree program. The ERM online certificate program is for any professional who needs quantitative skills to engage in educational, social, behavioral, medical or healthcare research.

The program offers maximum flexibility. With the help of faculty and advisors, you will choose three courses from the UIC Master of Education in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics and Assessment online program that best meet your needs. You will get the quality of a research university with the convenience of a 100% online program.

Credits earned in the ERM online certificate program may also be transferred to the UIC Master of Education in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics and Assessment online program.

Program Structure

To obtain the Educational Research Methodology certificate, students must successfully complete three of the online courses listed below for a total of 12 credit hours. Students will consult with an adviser to select the three courses that will best help them meet their career goals and objectives.

CourseCredit Hours
EPSY 503: Essentials of Quantitative Inquiry in Education4
EPSY 504: Rating Scale and Questionnaire Design and Analysis4
EPSY 506: Item Response Theory4
EPSY 509: Research Design in Education4
EPSY 512: Hierarchical Linear Models4
EPSY 546: Educational Measurement4
EPSY 547: Multiple Regression in Educational Research4
EPSY 560: Educational Program Evaluation4
EPSY 561: Assessment for Measurement Professionals4
EPSY 562: Large-Scale Testing4
EPSY 563: Advanced Analysis of Variance in Educational Research4
EPSY 583: Multivariate Analysis of Educational Data4