How to Apply – MEd in MESA

This section of the Web site provides an overview of steps for completing your application. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, deadlines, requirements or the admissions process, we encourage you to contact the MESA Online Admissions Team via e-mail or by phone at (866) 772-2268, option 1.

You are required to submit the items below in order to be considered for admission to the MEd in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics and Assessment online program.

  1. Online UIC graduate application and application fee
  2. Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
  3. International credential evaluation fee, if applicable
  4. UIC College of Education application
  5. Goals statement
  6. Three letters of recommendation
  7. Test scores from testing agencies

Additional information on these items is provided below. Please follow each step in the application carefully as mistakes can delay the processing of your application.

Once your application is reviewed, you’ll be notified by your advisor of any additional documents that are required.

1. Online UIC Graduate Application

Visit the UIC Graduate Application page and select the MED Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics & Assessment (MESA) – Online* program from the drop down menu under Graduate & Professional Programs. Click on Application and create a log in. Complete and submit the application along with the $70 non-refundable application fee.

2. Unofficial Transcripts

Approximately 2-3 days after you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your application and instructing you to log in to the system to begin uploading your materials.

Upload unofficial transcripts, in PDF format, from all institutions at which you took undergraduate and graduate coursework (with the exception of UIC transcripts, which will be added for you by the UIC Office of Admissions). An unofficial transcript is defined as an official transcript that has been sent to you, either on paper or electronically, by the Registrar’s Office of an institution, which you then upload into the application system. Online academic histories and advising/degree audit documents obtained through student web portals cannot be accepted.

Unofficial transcripts must be submitted for each institution attended, regardless of the age or nature of the course or degree work completed. The university does not make exceptions to this requirement. These can be submitted all at once or as you gather them, in any order.

Note: Do not have official transcripts sent to UIC during the application process. You will be requested to submit official transcripts once you are admitted.

3. International Credential Evaluation Fee

If you are an international applicant or have taken foreign coursework, please refer to the foreign credential guidelines on the International Admission Requirements Web page. An international credential evaluation fee of $30 is assessed to any applicant presenting coursework taken outside the United States. The evaluation fee must be paid after submission of the application.

4. UIC College of Education Application

Complete and submit the required College of Education application.

5. Goals Statement

Prepare a goals statement discussing your professional goals and overall objectives for the program. Email the goals statement to your Admissions Advisor at

6. Letters of Recommendation

These letters may be from current or former professors or supervisors and should address your academic qualifications, research ability/experience and ability to carry on advanced degree studies. Direct your recommenders to email their letter directly to your Admissions Advisor at

Suggested questions to forward to recommenders that can be addressed in letters of support:

  • What is the student’s motivation for graduate study?
  • What is the student’s conceptual/analytical ability?
  • What is the student’s initiative and potential for research?
  • How would you describe the student’s integrity?
  • What is the student’s ability to work with others?
  • What is the student’s effectiveness in speaking and writing?

7. Test Scores from Testing Agencies

Submit your GRE scores

Please request the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send your scores to UIC on your behalf. If you have already taken the GRE test, you can request to have your scores sent by going to the ETS Web page “Ordering Additional Score Reports”. Use institutional code 1851 to have scores sent to UIC.

ETS will send recent GRE test scores to UIC electronically and will mail older test scores. Please have them mailed to: UIC Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions; Mail Code 018; Box 7994; Chicago, IL 60680-7994.

Note: Students who have previously earned a doctoral degree (e.g., PhD, EdD or MD) might be eligible to waive the GRE requirement.  Please contact your Admissions Advisor at should this apply to you.


International Applicants Only

To view specific transcript/documentation requirements by country, visit International Admission Requirements.


Minimum scores required for the TOEFL: Internet based test (IBT) total score of 80 with subsection minimum requirements of writing 21, speaking 20, listening 17, and reading 19; computer-based test score of 213; paper-based test score of 550.

Minimum scores required for IELTS: 6.5 total with subsection minimum requirements of listening 6; writing 6; reading 6; speaking 6.

TOEFL scores must be submitted directly from the Educational Testing Service to the UIC Office of Academic & Enrollment Services using institutional code 1851.

IELTS scores must be submitted directly from the International English Language Testing System to the UIC Office of Academic & Enrollment Services using institutional code 001851. Evidence of attendance at a U.S. institution for at least 2 years of full-time study.

English Proficiency Requirement Exemptions

  • Evidence of attendance at a U.S. institution for at least 2 years of full-time study.
  • A letter from a U.S. employer stating that you are proficient in the use of English and that you have been employed at the establishment full-time for at least 1 year.
  • Two years’ education or one year’s employment in a country where English is the only official language, e.g. the United Kingdom, Australia or Canada (excluding Quebec).