MESA online quantitative research graduates are in high demand.

Each skill area in the MESA program – Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics and Assessment – can help you advance your career.

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and the hands-on application of new skills, you will be prepared to succeed in a variety of research settings including educational, social, behavioral, medical and healthcare environments.

UIC offers two online quantitative research programs

Upon completion of a program, you will be able to

  • Design

    and administer meaningful assessments

  • Assess

    the quality of the data prior to statistical analysis

  • Evaluate

    outcomes with confidence

  • Communicate

    effectively with stakeholders and colleagues

Why UIC?
  • Projects and coursework tailored to your career goals and interests
  • Specialized curriculum taught by professionals working full-time in MESA-related fields
  • An effective mix of theoretical and applied studies
  • Nationally-recognized faculty
  • In-depth, hands-on experience with the most important and widely used statistical and measurement software
  • Online convenience and flexibility with the personalized attention of a campus classroom

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